Test running

Direct testing using tox_

If you are on a Linux system run all tests with tox_. This tool automatically creates virtualenvs (see virtualenv_), installs all packages required by the test suite, and runs the tests.

Run all pyudev tests against Python 2.7, Python 3.2 and PyPy:

tox -e py27,py32,pypy

Pass any arguments you want to py.test after two dashes --:

tox -e py27,py32,pypy -- --enable-privileged


Device samples

Many pyudev tests run against the real device database of the system the tests are executed on. As testing against the whole database takes a long time, tests are run against a random sample by default. With the command line options provided by udev_database you can configure the size of this sample, or run the tests against a single device or the whole database.

Privileged tests

Some tests need to execute privileged operations like loading or unloading of kernel modules to trigger real udev events. These tests are disabled by default. Refer to privileged for more information on how to enable these tests and configure them properly.