Python versions and implementations

pyudev supports CPython from 2.6 up to the latest Python 3 release, and PyPy 1.5. Jython may work, too, but is not tested. Generally any Python implementation compatible with CPython 2.6 should work.


pyudev needs libudev 151 and newer, earlier versions of libudev as found on dated Linux systems may work, but are not tested and not officially supported. It is written in pure Python based on ctypes, so no compilers or headers are required for installation.

To use any of the toolkit integration modules. the corresponding toolkit must be available, but no toolkit is required during installation.

Installation from Cheeseshop

Install pyudev from the Cheeseshop with pip:

pip install pyudev

Installation from source code

Close the public repository:

git clone

Or download tarball:

curl -OL

Then install pyudev from the source code tree:

python install